Four foundational values capture the heart and soul of the Converge movement. These values have been encrypted in the Converge dna from our inception. We have never a lost passion for them. They not only define who we are, but they describe what is important to us and how we work together. These four fundamental values shape the mission and ministry of each of our regional movements and our worldwide mission. In a nutshell, Converge is:

  1. Spiritually Devoted – we are devoted to God’s Word and to the ongoing work of God’s Spirit in all we do
  2. Missionally Driven – the mission and message of Jesus drives us. His mission is central to what we are about at the core
  3. Relationally Connected – we value teamwork in all we do. We value the heart and hands and face of Jesus in our brothers and sisters
  4. Culturally Diverse – we affirm and live out as a movement, the beautiful diversity of all of God’s people. This is who we are

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