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Why We Plant Churches

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Biblical Reasons For Planting New Churches

1. Church Planting is an expression of the heart of God. He loves lost people and goes to any extent to reach them!

Jesus’ heart for connecting with lost people:    Luke 15:1-7 Matthew 28:18-20

Paul’s strategic efforts to reach the lost: 1 Corinthians 9:19-22  

2. Church Planting expands the mission of God   From the beginning of the church and today, The most effective way of expanding the mission of God is by planting Churches…

Acts 1:3-8 Acts 13:1-3

3. Church Planting empowers the people of God   More people are equipped as ambassadors of Christ, disciple makers, and leaders of his church.

John 20:19-22,  2 Corinthians 5:18-20

Tactical Reasons For Planting New Churches

1. The American Church is not keeping up with our population growth

  • The number of devoted Christ followers is shrinking with each generation

  • Under 20% of the US population actually attends church on any Sunday

  • As church attendance declines, the US population is growing

2. Church Plants reach people that established churches are not reaching:  

  • the “de-churched” people who are dropping out of church

  • Millennials who are not participating in church

  • The growing number of  “nones” who claim to be agnostic, or atheistic

  • Growing diverse immigrant populations

On average 42 percent of those worshiping at churches launched since 2008 previously never attended church or hadn’t attended in many years, LifeWay Research finds in an analysis of 843 such churches from 17 denominations and church planting networks.  (Lifeway Research)

3. Church Plants baptize new converts at 2-3 times the pace.

Ed Stetzer and Warren Bird describe this in their book Viral Churches. They've found that established Southern Baptist churches baptize 3.4 people per 100 resident members. While church plants average 11.7 per 100.

4.Church Planting brings new vitality to a church that plants churches.

  • Church plants are provide a testing ground for new mission strategies

  • Church plants raise the evangelistic vision of established churches

  • Church plants raise up new leaders that strengthen existing churches



Churches that engage in parenting new churches is an effective and the lower risk model for successful church planting. The emotional, spiritual, financial, and human resources that a parent church can offer are irreplaceable. CPW is here to help your church develop God's vision and strategyfor your church to parent a new congregation. CPW as part of Converge can be an integral partner! Resources are available for any church interested in exploring the parenting vision!


       The Road to  Parenting

This presentation will help you understand the urgency for planting and a step by step approach for parenting:

  1. Idea and Dreaming
  2. Communicating and Casting Vision
  3. Planning and Reconnaissance
  4. Development
  5. Birth and Release of the New Church



          Dan Maxton         

  • Dan Maxton Converge World Wide's LEAD Team Co-Direcotr has a 12 step approach to parenting new congregation. 

         12 Steps to Becoming a Parent Churchpdf doc attached






         Parent Church Landmines




Churches partnering together to plant a new church can be a very effective model for planting. Churches from a LEAD Team can partner together. They can share in the risk and in the resources. Together, they can do much more than they may be able to do alone. Again, CPW/Converge can help in this process.    


          Asian Lead Team


Campus/Multi-site Expansion

The multi site revolution is gaining traction all across the Converge movement. Converge church planting leadership have affirmed the multi site model as a genuine church planting strategy. Converge is able to assist your church in exploring this vision and method to impact other communities with the good news of Jesus.


          The Multi-Site Church Revolution

Church Multiplication Centers

Churches that have the vision and capacity to multiply 3 or more new churches within a 5 year period of time are considered church multiplication centers. Obviously, these church planting churches are key to a growing movement. Converge is committed and able to partner strategically with these multiplication centers in helping recruit, assess, train, coach, and potentially fund these church planting movements. What an exciting thing to see churches engaged in the vision of spiritual reproduction at this level!

(See The Road To Parenting a A Church Powerpoint under "Parenting" to get started)

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