Church Partnering

Tapestry Church in OakalndThe prayer of Jesus (John 17), the teachings of the Apostle Paul (Ephesians 4), and the model church in
Acts (the church at Antioch, Acts 13) describe the people of God and the church of God as a spiritually potent and diverse community. The American church is mostly segregated and needing an injection of spiritual vitality that will get the attention of—and penetrate—a culture that is increasingly divided, directionless, and despairing.

In answer to Christ’s prayer and in obedience to God’s directives and intentions for His church, we desire to have each PacWest church partner with another gospel-giving and living church (or two) across economic and ethnic lines for the glory of God’s name and as a demonstration of His good news.

Your church can…

  • Pray for God’s direction in this arena
  • Learn God’s heart for a unified church across all man-made lines through a study of Scripture.
  • “See” those who would partner with you.
  • Learn how to partner in a mutually beneficial way for the glory of God.
  • Live out the gospel message even when it’s counter-cultural to better demonstrate Kingdom culture on earth.
  • Listen and learn to see where God takes you and your partner church(es) next!

For assistance or inspiration contact:  Bernard Emerson or David Yetter

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