Dialog June 2017

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2017 Biennial Collage

The theme for our biennial meeting, April 28-29 was Celebrating and Mobilizing for Better World Impact. It was hosted by the gracious and generous people of Grace Church in Tracy in their new worship center. Highlights included:

  • Inspiring messages from Efrem Smith, President of World Impact, on our responsibility as the reconciled to be reconcilers through the gospel and intentionally relating to those unlike us—as individuals and churches—to build gospel bridges.
  • Welcoming three church plants as affiliate churches and celebrating with their enthusiastic and grateful representatives in attendance.
  • Hearing Converge world impact stories from President Scott Ridout who described amazing works of Converge missionaries around the globe.
  • Lifting hearts together in bilingual worship—and amazing Mexican food!
  • Learning Biblical Diversity 101 from a Converge Diversity team, Dr. Ruben Rivera and Dr. Robin Holland.
  • Hearing from a Love Your Neighbor Panel of PacWest leaders, Alexia Paredes, Damon Owens, and Aaron Roy, who told their life stories of pain, perseverance and God’s power as non-anglo Americans.
  • Receiving PacWest ministry reports and a challenge to support PacWest's direction financially.
  •  Check out messages and Love Your Neighbor sessions here.

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