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Days of Challenge and Opportunity for Our Nation (July Dialog)

Tension and trouble are not new to our nation. But the happenings of the last week in Baton Rouge, St. Paul, and Dallas--as well as a history that goes back hundreds of years--highlight the hurtful and painful national heritage that is difficult to know how to address or remedy.

The pain, grief, fear and frustration on every side are real and cannot be ignored. The natural response is not healthy or helpful as it blames and inflames. The godly response is difficult to determine--though it certainly includes humility, prayer, listening, loving and the stepping up of godly leaders to bring people of influence together to seek solutions. Or, that's how I'm praying.

For church leaders, I believe we can personally lead the way in listening, learning and loving those "unlike us" and those "like us," but who think so unlike Jesus. That's clearly a needed step. We need to be influenced by what we hear and be influencers, who are operating out of agospel grid. Join me in beginning to deepen my Bible study in this regard, in broadening my reading (and TV watching) patterns, and by having discussions with a greater circle of folks to gain a better understanding of those who see things differently than I do. Read this article for starters: It Is OK To Be Both (it may not be an entirely new perspective, but it suggests a terrific broadening of cliched categories!).
Finally, though I'm saddened and unnerved by the state of affairs in our communities and nation and heartbroken for each grieving family,
I'm encouraged and even a little proud as I hear and see examples of God's people praying together, behaving courageously, and leading heroically by the Spirit of Jesus, our Reconciler. Keep looking and listening for these stories, and try to become one in your context.
Dependent on God, thankful for His church, and seeing opportunities for the proclamation of the gospel (in word and deed) during these times,

David Yetter
Executive Minister

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