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Following the devastating fires last fall, our sister church, Crosspoint Community Church, turned themselves inside out to serve the people of Santa Rosa even as they themselves grieved and worked to recover from their losses. Here's an inspiring May 2018 update from Pastor Mike Baker (pictured above in his neighborhood in October 2017):

This has been an encouraging season at Crosspoint.  For a long time we have been faithfully part of the process of sowing and planting, in our community...developing relationships, being God's hands and feet, seeking new ways to showcase His love, etc.  When the fires came, we had much more of an opportunity to build on those foundations we already had, and we experienced a great openness to spiritual conversations like we'd never seen before.  We walked through our neighborhoods praying and knocking on doors, and we were able to interact with, pray with, and help numerous people in our community.  As they came to our relief distributions, people were open to talk about God and even asked about where to find hope in the midst of the pain! Much more planting...but still no harvest. This was also an exhausting season for us, with SO much need and SO many opportunities.  As a church, we were constantly working to balance things and spend our time well without stretching too thin.  It was exciting to have so many opportunities and so much openness...and yet, there was no tangible fruit from it still.  We prayed about our role in this time, asking God to make it clear what we should continue to invest in and how best to engage our community with the gospel.  If He is calling us just to sow and then allow others to harvest, we are good with that...but we don't want to miss out on a harvest He has in store for us! Then came Easter.  Like all churches, Crosspoint experiences a certain amount of extra attendance on Easter Sunday...some years more than others in this very secular area.  But this Easter, our church was bursting at the seams!  Since we have tracked attendance at Crosspoint, we've never had an Easter with this many people!  When it came time to share the gospel and call for a response, at least 20 people stood to make a commitment or recommitment to Christ!  We immediately launched a new believer's class to help ground these folks in their faith, and every Sunday since Easter at least one new person has put their faith in Christ!  This Sunday we'll be baptizing at least 6 people! It's been so encouraging, after a long and exhausting and tiring season full of questions to see God allow us to participate in part of the harvest. And we know there's much more to come!

Thanks to all who are praying and who gave and served so sacrificially to help bring about this season of harvest!

Better Together,
David Yetter
Executive Minister

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