Dialog September 2017

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A 2015 study found that 62% of men do not wash their hands "after going to the loo." Women are better, with "only" 40% neglecting this hygienic routine. The study goes on to explain in disgusting detail about germs and such our mothers and kindergarten teachers told us about in a simple and more sanitized fashion--"Did you forget something?"

Why bring this up? Some instructions are so often repeated and (grossly?) neglected that it doesn't even register as an oversight or endangering pattern. This may be said of a prominent Christian command considered:

  • The summary of the law
  • The royal law
  • The second greatest commandment
  • That command? Love your neighbor as yourself.

    We've heard it so often there is a real danger of skipping it without considering how dangerous our inaction might be--for the health of our churches and families, for the good Name of our God and Savior, for those we neglect, and even for our own spiritual vitality.

    Let's not be satisfied to pass by on the other side when we're aware of a neighbor's need or to quicky look the other way and wash our hands (so to speak) of one of our greatest privileges and duties!

    In fact, let's be like so many of our people and churches who are going out of their way to sacrificially love like Jesus--whether the hurt involves a hurricane or a broken heart. Such compassion raises people's curiosity about the radical love they're seeing and experiencing! Thank you for not "forgetting something."


    Better Together when we live out the limitless love of Jesus... and wash our hands,

    David Yetter
    Executive Minister

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