Women's Conference 2019 - Unshaken

Saturday Seminars

Session I (morning)

A. Social Justice: Is It Biblical or Just a Buzzword?  Jennifer Wilson – Golden Hills - Brentwood

There is no one simple definition of social justice, but we will look at the various ways this term is used by society and specific references to justice in scripture.               


B. Making the Most of Our Time – Wendy Clark – The House – Hailey, ID

Let’s think carefully about how we live, not as unwise but as wise, making the best use of the time that God has given us. 


C. Safe Conversations: Conflict Communication Skills – Lorie Reichel-Howe – Menlo Church –  San Jose  

Meaningful relationships bring a sense of belonging, significance and connection that enriches life. When challenging behaviors put relations at risk, skills are needed to effectively respond to behaviors, attitudes and comments that cause relational injury. Develop strategies for responding to challenging behaviors and conflict-filled situations that scare others away.


D. Media, Technology, My Life & God in the Digital World – Natasha Mitchell – Fair Oaks – Concord

Is digital technology really taking over our lives or does it just seem that way? In this seminar, we will review the flood of digital technology and toxic media consumption, discuss how it affects our lives and our bodies and learn the advantages and disadvantages of the technology available to us. We will discuss technology from a Biblical view and learn practical ways in which we can become good stewards of the digital technology we have been blessed with by God.                                        


E. Reckless Joy – Laura Trouard – Menlo Church – San Jose                      

Joy is not an emotion that we should allow to come and go, the way we would with happiness. It is a deeper commitment to realizing we need to submit to the plans the Lord has laid out for us, even if we can’t see the finish line. Joy is about trusting, with great hope, that there is forever glory and redemption before us, if we’re willing to step out of the boat (a pretty reckless move) and accept the tests and trials that will strengthen us like none other.                                                                                                      



Session II (morning)

A. When Someone You Love Has an Addiction – Natasha Mitchell – Fair Oaks - Concord

So many of us have a loved one struggling with addiction. Even though they are the addict, it often feels like we feel all of the pain from their addiction. What can we do to help ourselves in this struggle? What can we do AND not do to help the addict we love? Does family really play a role in addiction? We will address these questions and more in this seminar. Then we will break into small groups for a time of prayer, hope and healing, sharing our struggles and emotions about how addiction is affecting us.


B. Living Invitations – Wendy Clark – The House – Hailey, ID

What is a life of invitation? As followers of Jesus, we are meant to be living invitations, living lives that invite others to come and meet Jesus.    


C. Finding Freedom in Christ: A Journey Fighting for the Freedom of Slaves – Amanda Vohs – Holy Spirit – San Jose

Together, we will look at what our culture teaches us about freedom, compared to what Jesus teaches us. Amanda will share what her experience fighting slavery with International Justice Mission has taught her about freedom, and how it can shape your spiritual growth.


D. Parenting: Escaping Candyland – Kristie Robinson – Calvary – Turlock

Parenting children is a challenge in this reward centered climate. We will talk about our ultimate goal, “Adulting”, and the counter-productive strategies that undermine our kids from getting there. Look forward to Biblical wisdom and practical ideas for parenting kids to grow up and love Jesus. 


E. Surviving Divorce as a Christian Woman – Mary Ellen Cole – Cambria Vineyard – Cambria

Divorce always comes as an unplanned surprise. In this seminar you will learn the key issues a woman and her children deal with during divorce and how you can help your friends and loved ones during this difficult time.                                                       



Session III (afternoon)

A. Today’s Single Christian Woman – Living with God’s Power, with Lina AbuJamra                                                                                        

B. Sometimes Life is Hard, but God is Good – Wendy Clark – Hailey, ID       

 What facing cancer taught me about God’s nearness and tender love for us. The shock of the diagnosis and the sense of God’s presence – extreme closeness and care.


C. Worship Through Yoga – Laura Trouard – Menlo Church – San Jose

Bringing the elements of musicality and dance into our practice as we use our body to praise our Creator. This class is open to all ability levels, whether it’s your first time on the mat or a long time practitioner of this form of exercise - all are welcome.   

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