Our Distinctives

Church planting leaders around the world recognize Converge as one of the most effective church planting movements. Converge Church Planting achieves a success rate of over 85% by:

  • assessing potential church planters:  Am I a church planter?  Does planting fit my God given gifting/wiring? Am I ready to plant now?
  • effectively coaching for success:   Who will work with me, encourage and help me successfully plant?
  • managing environmental risk factors:  What factors could reduce or increase my risk of effective planting?
  • enlisting parenting and partnering churches:  Who are my "fellow workers" and supporters?

Nationally, Converge Church Planting has a vision to plant over 300 healthy new churches by 2015.

Church Planting Stepping Stones

Connect with Converge PacWest Church Planting Director, Paul Root through his assistant Chris Lovelace.  He will ask you to send a resume. He can answer initial questions and set up a time to talk with our Church Planting Director, Paul Root.

SendPersonal Interview
We'll get to know each other either by phone, Skype or in person. Share your story, and your interest in church planting. Prior to the interview you will fill out our Church Planting Exploration Survey and Risk Analysis to guide our exploration. We'll share with you how our network works and next steps. To set a date and time to talk. Contact our Church Planting Assistant, Chris Lovelace

ApplyPersonal Profile
If we mutually decide to explore partnership further, you’ll be asked to fill out a church planter’s application, references and at least 2 samples of your speaking, (video is best, links or CD's) . This helps us get a better picture of your church planting possibilities. Upon completion of your application send it to Chris.    Download Application here

Pre AssessmentExpectations
Now it’s time to clarify and harmonize. You’ll have opportunities to ask questions and dive deep and we’ll be able to share our expectations for you, your planting team and the church plant.  To set an appointment to review these mutual expecations, contact Chris Lovelace

At Converge, we believe that church planter assessment is one key factor to our movement’s church planting success. The four-day experience for planters and their spouses is facilitated by a highly qualified assessment team and is offered at various times and locations. You will need to contact our office by phone to confirm availability. See the Full Assessment Schedule here

AssessmentProposal/Ministry Plan
Zero in. You’ll prepare a detailed church planting proposal covering your prospective church planting area, target group and any specifics of the church planting project.  Click here to view the Converge PacWest Proposal Document.

AssessmentFormal Call to Plant
Our CPW Planting Director and Multiplication Team will review your proposal. Following the acceptance of your proposal, our Converge PacWest multiplication team or lead team will issue a formal call as a church planter.

Upon your acceptance of the call, you’ll be connected with an experienced church planting coach to help you and your team get moving. We’ll also provide you with strategic resources to guide you in starting your new church ministry.

AssessmentRaise Support
You and your team will raise both prayer and financial support. You will receive training, and your planting coach and church planting director will be involved process.

AssessmentPlant a Church
Upon completion of fundraising and additional funding resources, you will head to your planting site. The pre-planting process is complete, and you will begin engaging the community and building a planting team.  Our systems provide ongoing coaching and resources to church planters and their teams over the course of the planting process. A vital part of planting is reproducing new congregations. Healthy churches reproduce. It is never too early to begin thinking about the reproducing process.

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