Church Wide Assessments (SWOT analysis)

Assessing the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your church can be instructive and very helpful. Converge leadership can provide a much needed objective appraisal of information collected from the congregation in any number of creative ways. These church wide assessments can prove to be invaluable to any pastor and/or congregation choosing to identify strategies for growth and expanded impact for Christ.  For further information contact Paul Root or David Yetter.

NCD Survey

Natural Church Development is an internationally recognized assessment tool that can identify a church’s strengths and weaknesses in a scientifically researched manner and provide a plan for implementing efforts to address its specific findings. Converge leadership offers survey materials, scoring of the results and coaching to make this a positive process for a congregation.  For further information contact David Yetter.

Church Health Diagnosis

Converge is strongly committed to encouraging the value of emotional health in each of our congregations. Through a process of testing, interviewing and observing, objective evaluations can be offered as well as recommendations for Bible-based steps to head off potential conflict or limit its damaging effects among staff, leaders, and /or the congregation with the desired result of bringing about spiritual reconciliation along with a deeper understanding of and participation in authentic community.  For further information contact David Yetter.

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